Improving Childhood Asthma Management (ICAM) Community of Practice – session 2 (22 November 2023)

Community of practice (CoP) sessions aim to improve clinician confidence in managing childhood asthma, and foster collaboration between asthma care services in the inner west of Melbourne, the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Asthma Australia and the National Asthma Council Australia. Discussions and findings can also be applied to the wider childhood asthma community. Session resources … Continued

Obstetric ultrasound interpretation and preterm birth prevention (8 November 2023)

In our community, GPs play a central role in early pregnancy care, handling testing, counselling and referrals. This session will equip GPs with the knowledge and skills to provide early pregnancy care, ensuring optimal health and wellbeing of pregnant individuals and their babies. Session resources HealthPathways Melbourne presentation slides Western Health presentation slides Australian Preterm … Continued

How to identify cybersecurity risks and data breaches in your practice (2 November 2023)

This session will discuss what constitutes a data breach and how best to prevent or manage one. It will outline the latest advice for preparing and developing policies. Session resources Presentation slides part 1 Presentation slides part 2 Data breach resources Avant factsheet: Email communication with patients: privacy and patient safety    Avant factsheet: Recommendations when … Continued

Mental health referral and access – video

Victoria’s mental health service system is rapidly evolving in response to reform. New local, state and federal services mean referral pathways and options for patients sometimes change. It is easy to miss a detail or refer a patient to a service that may not be right for them. You can use our single form to … Continued

Eye Health Collaborative Care and Quality Improvement in General Practice (25 October 2023)

The aim of this session is to outline how GPs and optometrists can collaborate to improve care for patients with red eyes, eyelid conditions and diabetes. Session resources Presentation slides Glaucoma Australia – Patients support Good Vision for Life – Information for patients Guide Dogs – Low vision services Healthdirect – Resources library Health translations … Continued

Sleep disordered breathing in children (19 October 2023)

This session, hosted by Dr Elizabeth Rose, a paediatric otolaryngology surgeon, will help GPs improve their knowledge and skills in the assessment and management of children presented with sleep disordered breathing. It will also cover how to maximise medical therapy, determine when to refer, and the most appropriate referral pathways, including referral thresholds. Session resources … Continued

Buruli ulcer: an update for GPs working in inner Melbourne (19 October 2023)

This session will highlight key information for clinicians about the risk, as well as how to recognise and diagnose the condition. Session resources Presentation slides Buruli ulcer – HealthPathways Melbourne

New perspectives on pain management, including the roles of opioids and medical cannabis (31 August 2023)

This session will explore what we have been doing to manage low back pain? Has it been working? When back pain persists, do you understand what you are treating? Session resources Presentation slides (part 1) Presentation slides (part 2)  Diagnosis app for doctors: OvidDx Text book: Hidden From View Book – Dr. Howard Schubiner’s Mind … Continued

Long COVID in general practice and new statewide referral criteria update (5 October 2023)

New statewide referral criteria for advice on the management of long COVID came into effect on 1 July 2023. This session will provide an update of the criteria. It will also help to increase participants’ understanding of long COVID and how best to support patients. Session resources Presentation slides

Managing respiratory illness in general practice (12 October 2023)

This session will provide ideas and tools for general practices to safely assume seeing respiratory patients face-to-face. Session resources Presentation slides