NWMPHN Aboriginal Engagement Guide

Front cover of North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network's Aboriginal Engagement Guide.The Aboriginal Engagement Guide has been developed as an activity of North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network’s Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2021–23.

The plan has been developed to support these 3 objectives:

  • Build the capacity of our staff to develop and maintain relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations in a respectful, effective, and culturally safe way.
  • Ensure safety and competency so that all our engagement activities with Aboriginal people and organisations are informed and guided by the best-available information and resources and carried out in a culturally safe and competent manner.
  • Encourage our ways of working to be centred on Aboriginal peoples determining solutions and making the decisions on matters impacting their health outcomes.

The guide was developed through a process that included desktop research of other existing guides, analysis of the staff knowledge and confidence, internal staff consultations, and workshops with the senior leadership team and expert advisory groups.

Bundyi Girri Consulting, and Indigenous–led and owned firm, support the development of the guide, which features artwork by Dixon Patten and design by Lily Sawenko.