What is PEN CAT?

PEN Clinical Audit Tool, or PEN CAT as it’s commonly referred to, is a clinical audit tool that allows practices to analyse data, devise the necessary strategies to improve patient care and report on quality improvement activities undertaken by the practice. In short, it optimises patient health outcomes while enhancing business capabilities for the general practice.

Who can use it?

General Practices’ using the following clinical software systems;
MD3, Best Practice, Zedmed, Genie Solutions, Medtech, Medinet

The benefits of PEN Clinical Audit Tool

Provides you with a complete overview of the practice profile in real-time.

  • The in-built filters give you complete control to extract information that is specific to the needs of the practice at that point in time.
  • Interactive and user friendly charts and graphs that interpret clinical and Quality Improvement (QI) measures.
  • Create monthly reports that provide statistical data on the population health outcomes of your patient base.

Allows you to optimise patient care within the community setting.

  • Provides the practice nurse with the information they need to tailor programs.
  • Allows the practice to better cater for the specific health needs of their patient population.
  • Encourages consistency and appropriate data coding by clinical staff within the practice.
  • Demonstrates the benefits of an integrative approach to patient care.
  • Allows clinical staff to accurately target patient groups ‘at risk’ of chronic disease.

Provides structure and a streamlined approach for both those routine and more specialised tasks and processes.

  • Positively impacts the day to day operations of the practice from both an administrative and clinical perspective.

Gives you peace of mind that your practice is stringently adhering to the RACGP standards for general practices (5th ed) 365 days a year.

  • Take the stress away from the Accreditation process, significantly reducing your workload leading up to the practice’s re-accreditation.

Enhances the financial viability of the practice without compromising on the quality of care being delivered.

  • Strengthens the vital role of the practice nurse in General Practice.
  • Encourages appropriate MBS billing for medical services provided by the General Practitioner and the Practice Nurse.
  • The data captured provides direction and gives practices the ability to make informed decisions about current and future health initiatives and services relevant to the practices demographic profile.
  • Highlights gaps in services that would promote better health outcomes.
  • Provides invaluable insight allowing the practice to maximise on the opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Encourages effective teamwork amongst your clinical and non-clinical staff within the practice.

  • Strengthens communication amongst general practitioners particularly those within group practices allowing for greater consistency in patient management.
  • Assists in setting realistic goals and accurately monitor and measure QI activities within the practice.
  • Allows practice staff to work more effectively as a team.
  • Gives practice staff a sense that they’re all contributing to the overall health outcome of patients utilising the practices’ services.
  • Staff understands the importance of their role within the practice and the role it plays in improving patient health outcomes.
  • Motivates and empowers the team to continue achieving set targets.

Additional Features

Cleansing CAT
Cleansing CAT is a recently developed feature to support and compliment the current functionality of PEN CAT. This feature has been created to assist practices in identifying critically missing patient data to promote accurate and effective identification and promote better management of patient health outcomes. Currently, this feature generates the following 6 reports;

  • Missing demographic data;
  • Missing clinical/ accreditation data;
  • Indicated CKD patients where no diagnosis is recorded;
  • Indicated Diabetes patient where no diagnosis is recorded;
  • Indicated Mental Health where no diagnosis is recorded; and,
  • Indicated COPD patients where no diagnosis is recorded.

Registrar CAT
Registrar CAT provides supporting information for practice accreditation and reporting as a training post for Registrars. It allows the practice to report and manage a Registrar’s activities.

  1. It provides graphical reports on the range of clinical presentations a Registrar has seen in the practice compared to the full set of presentations that are being seen at the practice. This enables the practice to ensure the Registrar is seeing a good coverage of practice presentations.
  2. It provides graphs of clinical information that should be recorded in a patient’s record. This can help determine if a Registrar has not carried out activities that should have been reviewed as part of the consultation.

More information

Visit pencs.com.au for user guides, online tutorials, webinars and a selection of PEN CAT ‘recipes’ to get your practice started on your quality improvement journey.

To arrange PEN CAT installation and training, contact us.