YOU SAID….™ – CAREinMIND Providers

  30 November 2018  NWMPHN   

NWMPHN is interested in understanding consumers’ self-reported experience and outcomes of the commissioned services they use.

An innovative trial commenced in July 2018 with an initial focus on Targeted Psychological Support and the Mental Health Nurse Intensive Support Services within our CAREinMIND™ suite of primary mental health services.

In consultation with consumers, carers and mental health clinicians, NWMPHN has developed the You Said™ concept. You Said™ is underpinned with technology that enables NWMPHN to invite consumers to participate, by email or SMS, at key stages of their care journey (referral, assessment and during care).

This feedback is captured on a dashboard which enables analysis and reporting of experience and outcomes at each stage of the care journey to help us understand how consumers experience the services. This provides valuable insight into leading practices that can be shared but also opportunities for improvement to ensure services are effective for consumers. 

This approach will ultimately replace the old paper consumer evaluation forms. Note: only consumers who have consented at point of referral to participate in evaluation of services will be contacted for feedback.

An experience survey for providers has also been developed to access insight on providers’ experience of NWMPHN as a commissioner and opportunities for improvement to support the provider experience.