Updates coming soon to the Australian Immunisation Handbook, mobile application and the National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator

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  18 May 2022  NWMPHN   

A number of updates and new features will be available from 12pm Tuesday, 24 May 2022.

Australian Immunisation Handbook (AIH) Website

AIH Website updates:

  • An ‘On this page’ menu to allow you to quickly get to the sections you use
  • The ability to copy a link to a specific section on a page
  • The ability to bookmark a specific page or a section of a page
  • ‘New’ and ‘Updated’ indicators to identify new or updated content
  • Prominent highlighting of important information on a page
  • Removal of the ‘collapsible’ menus to make the website ‘back button friendly’ and easier to navigate
  • Announcements to keep users informed about new and upcoming changes

Australian Immunisation Handbook (AIH) App

  • New/updated status indicators
  • Ability to bookmark pages/chapters
  • Prominent call outs
  • Refinements to search

NB: App users will be required to download the new version from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. The new version of the app will be able within a day or two after the cutover (24 May 2022).

National Immunisation Catch-up Calculator (NICC)

The NICC supports providers to plan catch-up vaccination for children under 10 years. New updates:

  • The NICC is also being expanded to support children under 10 years who are medically at-risk.
  • The business rules (like the due/overdue rules for the AIR), which underpin how the NICC generates a catch-up schedule, will be available for download.
  • While the current release (2.0.0) will support only one medically at-risk condition at a time, newer releases in the future will progressively allow catch-ups to be generated for children under 10 years of age who may have multiple at-risk conditions.
  • The NICC will also be expanded to include all people under 20 years of age in the coming months.

This information can be shared with immunisation providers and further information about the upgrade is available on the Australian Department of Health website.

If you experience any issues with the handbook website, app or NICC, please provide feedback on the AIH website.