TAC, Navigator Group join forces to deliver innovative recovery program

  9 April 2024  Transport Accident Commission   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) has partnered with Navigator Group, a leading injury management specialist, to give eligible TAC clients access to the Active Recovery Clinics (ARC) program.

This exercise-based rehabilitation program delivers 12 weeks of support from a team of sports medicine physicians, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and counsellors.

Specifically designed for people who have experienced a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury, the ARC program uses advanced technology and innovative techniques to give patients the tools to take control of their injury, get their physical and mental wellbeing back on track, and return to everyday life sooner.

Founded in 2017, Navigator Group is dedicated to innovation and pioneering new approaches to helping more Australians recover from injuries.

Through its evidence-based, patient-centred recovery plans, it has helped thousands of patients optimise their recovery.

By supporting eligible TAC clients to access the ARC program, the TAC plans to test the effectiveness of connecting clients to an integrated rehabilitation program earlier in their recovery journey.

This is one of several TAC initiatives to develop a value-based healthcare approach.

For more information on value-based healthcare at the TAC, visit here.

To learn more about the ARC program click here, or follow Navigator Group on LinkedIn.

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