Stop asking the wrong questions about lung cancer

Lung Fundation Australia Campaign image
  15 February 2019  Lung Foundation Australia   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Lung Foundation Australia is asking for a fair go for lung cancer with the launch of a compelling campaign.

Every hour, an Australian watches a loved one die from lung cancer. Instead of support, most face stigma from a community that blames them for having their disease.

Australians have spent too long asking the wrong question about lung cancer. It doesn’t matter whether or not someone smoked. Instead, we should be asking the right questions – why aren’t people living with lung cancer getting a fair go when it comes to research, treatment and support?

It ends today. This conversation needs to change, and Lung Foundation Australia is asking for your support.

Nobody deserves to have cancer, regardless of what type. To hear the powerful stories of the faces of the campaign and share with your networks, visit

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