Self Help Addiction Resource Centre: Changes to service delivery during COVID-19

  28 April 2020  Self Help Addiction Resource Centre   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) has changed how we deliver programs and services in light of COVID-19 restrictions.

Family Drug Help is taking referrals and helpline calls. During the COVID-19 restrictions, Family Drug Help has transitioned its services online.

Family members are encouraged to contact the Family Drug Helpline on 1300 660 068, 24 hours a day.

Family Drug Help can be also be contacted online at and by email:

Other updates

  • InFocus and BreakThrough education programs are being delivered online.
  • Family Drug Help Family Support Groups are now meeting online.
  • Family Counselling is being delivered by telephone.
  • Family Gambling Help Project: Online delivery of InFocus and support groups.

A rich range of Information and resources to support families are available on our website.

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