Self-Collection Saves Lives: Cervical Screening Campaign

  26 November 2021  VCS Pathology   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer (ACPCC) is pleased to announce the launch of a campaign run in collaboration with Cancer Council Victoria to increase awareness of healthcare practitioners about HPV self-collection. HPV self-collection was introduced to the National Cervical Screening Program in 2017, however there is limited awareness and uptake of this option amongst healthcare practitioners and the community.

Self-collection allows eligible screening participants to take their own vaginal sample for HPV testing using a small, soft swab (similar to the ones used to collect a COVID test). For those who have never screened, research shows that taking part in self-collection could reduce the risk of developing cervical cancer by around 40% (Smith et al. 2016).

It is an equally reliable and highly acceptable alternative to a clinician-collected cervical screening test (CST) and is an important tool to increase cervical screening participation amongst under-screened and never screened groups, such as those living in regional and remote areas, those that are culturally and linguistically diverse, and LGBTQ+ communities.

Offering HPV self-collection in your practice will help more women and people with a cervix to be screened for cervical cancer, preventing devastating diagnoses and saving lives.

The Self-Collection Saves Lives campaign is aimed at health practitioners including GPs, nurses and antenatal health professionals, with a focus on regional Victoria.

Please check out the campaign toolkit here and access newly developed consumer resources from Cancer Council Victoria here.

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