Seeking your views on the use of My Health Record 

  7 December 2017  NWMPHN   

The Australian Digital Health Agency would like to hear from healthcare providers about how the use of the My Health Record (MyHR) has affected the delivery of patient care by your organisation.

North Western Melbourne PHN invites you to share your experiences on the use of My Health Record in your practice. Participants would be required to take part in either three face-to-face interviews, spaced five months apart, or one face-to-face interview at a point in time over the course of the MyHR Expansion Program.

The interviews will help inform the direction of the MyHR Expansion Program, with the Australian Government committed to creating a MyHR for every Australian by the end of 2018, unless they choose not to have one.

Each of the interviews are expected to take approximately one hour and will be conducted at a location convenient to the interviewee. Financial support will be provided based on the NWMPHN Stakeholder Reimbursement Policy.

How to get involved

Download the expression of interest form and send your completed application to

More information

View the Allied Health – what’s in it for me and my patients? information sheet.

Please contact Joe Manners on 03 9347 1188 or email for more information about the interview program.