Royal Melbourne Hospital Specialist Clinics waitlist audit

  19 October 2023  Royal Melbourne Hospital   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

It is a new requirement from the Department of Health that Victorian public health services perform regular audits of patients waiting for specialist clinic (outpatient) appointments.

The Specialist Clinics (outpatients) department at the Royal Melbourne Hospital will be commencing a specialist clinic (outpatient) waitlist auditing process.

Patients who have been waiting more than 12 months for a specialist clinic (outpatient) appointment will start to receive a letter and text message to ask if they still require an appointment with the Specialist Clinic/s they are on the waitlist for.

For more detailed information about the specialist clinic (outpatient) waitlist audit process, please refer to the access policy and/or the Royal Melbourne Hospital website.

You can also contact the Waitlist Audit team directly on (03) 9138 4999 or

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