Reminder: Recent COVID-19 infection is now no barrier to vaccination

  9 April 2024  NWMPHN   

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has removed its previous guideline against vaccinating people with a recent history of infection.

Until now, a COVID-19 infection within the previous 6 months was grounds for refusing a vaccination request, because case-induced immunity meant the vaccine would have minimal benefit.

In its latest changes to advice – included in the Australian Immunisation Handbook – ATAGI has dropped the proscription for the pragmatic reason that “it is challenging for many individuals to know if they have had a recent infection”.

Proximity to infection may still be a legitimate consideration for immunisation providers, however. The Handbook notes:

“Vaccination is likely to enhance the protection induced by infection. A greater interval between infection and vaccination enhances the protection from vaccination by further boosting the immune response generated following infection.”

Having a vaccine dose after a recent COVID-19 infection is not harmful.

View the Australian Immunisation Handbook previous infection new guideline here.

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