Pneumococcal vaccination recall program for adults aged 70 and older

  12 June 2024  NWMPHN   

Medical communications company Healthily Pty Ltd is offering general practices a free recall program to boost pneumococcal vaccination rates for Australians aged 70 and over.

The SMS-based program is funded by Pfizer, which makes Prevenar 13 (13vPCV), one of two National Immunisation Program (NIP) funded pneumococcal vaccines, and the only one clinically recommended for this age group.

Please note NIP-funding for these vaccines starts at age 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island patients. Please see this Department of Health and Aged Care page for more information.

Note, too, that there are other pneumococcal vaccines available for older adults, but they are not currently funded.

Vaccination from 70 years of age will provide better protection as people move into older age groups with increasing pneumococcal disease risk.

To register and participate, please fill out this form. View this fact sheet (.pdf) for more information.

Applications are limited and open until 30 November 2024, unless filled beforehand.