Paid opportunity for general practices to implement genital chlamydia interventions

  8 September 2022  The University of Melbourne   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The MoCCA study led by Melbourne University is currently recruiting clinics for the implementation and feasibility study phase.

This will involve participating clinics being asked to implement interventions (including a website designed to strengthen management of genital chlamydia infections for up to 18 months and providing feedback about use of the interventions through short anonymous polls or brief interviews.

Participating clinics will be reimbursed $2000.

More information about what’s involved for clinics can be found on the MoCCA website.

Clinics interested in participating can complete a short expression of interest form which can be found on the MoCCA website or accessed directly at

Clinics who complete the EOI will be contacted by a member of the MoCCA team at to chat further about whether they would like to participate. Clinics can also email us at

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