New website provides information and resources for the final phase of life

A nurse and a carer looking after an older patient in her bed and near the end of her life.
  9 December 2021  NWMPHN   

Lately is a website that provides information, options and education about end-of-life support.

It is designed to ease communication and planning for people who have received a terminal diagnosis, and for those who love and care for them.

It was developed by North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN).


“Most people are uncomfortable talking about death, and sometimes delay necessary conversations until it is too late,” said NWMPHN CEO Christopher Carter.

“Too often discussions about end-of-life planning do not start until the person concerned is in an emergency department, an aged care facility, or a palliative care unit, and emotions are running high.

“These difficult conversations require courage, openness, time and the ability to listen and learn. Lately provides the resources and concepts to make having those conversations easier.”

With input from experts on the physical, mental and cultural impacts of ageing and death, the website helps patients, friends, family and carers create care plans, and understand the social, religious and secular beliefs that influence how each person wishes to be cared for in their final days. This may include options for medical interventions, and how they want their remains treated.

Promotional image for guides and connects people to end-of-life services and support.

Lately contains an extensive directory of services and support offered by a wide range of organisations, so family and carers can best meet the wishes of the dying person. Some of these focus on the north, west and central Melbourne regions, but are broadly applicable over the state.

The directory will continue to grow. Service providers can list on it at no cost.

The website was created by NWMPHN, in collaboration with Melbourne digital design agency Portable.

How to get involved

Use our promotion pack to encourage people in Melbourne’s centre, north and west to visit for information, options and education about end-of-life support.