New urology service at Sunshine Private Hospital

  7 May 2024  Sunshine Private Hospital   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Sunshine Private Hospital (SPH) has commenced the delivery of urological services to patients in Melbourne’s growing western suburbs.

Early last month, urologist and renal surgeon Dr Brendan Dias performed a laser enucleation of the prostate using the state of the art Thulio laser at SPH.

This new technology enables surgeons to perform an enucleation procedure on the enlarged prostate with minimal risks of bleeding, thereby reducing the need for overnight hospitalisation and enabling a speedy recovery.

Patients who undergo an enucleation procedure of their prostate glands are less likely to need repeat procedures, thereby enabling a better quality of life with a more durable solution to their lower urinary tract symptoms.

Dr Dias has been performing these procedures in public hospitals since 2019, and is now offering his services at the SPH. In addition to laser enucleation of the prostate, all routine urological procedures are also performed.

These include laser surgery for kidney and bladder stones, incontinence surgery, surgery for erectile dysfunction, circumcision, vasectomy and vasectomy reversals.

SPH also offers fast track urological consultations and direct access admissions for eligible patients with renal colic, urinary retention and other conditions requiring urgent urological input.

For consultations, phone (03) 9110 3828 or email

For direct admissions, contact the after-hours coordinator on (03) 9124 4562 or 0476 066 445.

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