New mobile-friendly HealthPathways platform – what GPs and other health professionals need to know

  16 February 2022  HealthPathways   

From 22 February 2022, HealthPathways will become mobile-friendly.

 Visit to see the mobile site now.

Here is what GPs and other health professionals need to know:

How to do you access the mobile-friendly platform?

If you have an automatic login to HealthPathways Melbourne, there is no change to how you access the website.

The new platform makes it easy for clinicians to use portable devices to quickly access critical information at the point of care.

If you normally access HealthPathways with a username and password, you may be prompted to enter a username and password. To avoid disruption to your HealthPathways Melbourne access, contact the team on to retrieve your practice’s unique URL and gain automatic access, or to request access.  

What will change?

The new mobile-friendly platform offers a more responsive, modern design. This provides a better experience whether you are accessing HealthPathways Melbourne on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Users will see a new logo on the mobile-friendly version of HealthPathways Melbourne site along with the HealthPathways Melbourne brand mark that you are already familiar with.

What about the content?

Although the look is new, the information is exactly the same as on the existing HealthPathways Melbourne site. 

Watch the video below to learn more.