National Guidance for doctors assessing workers at risk of exposed at risk of silicosis

  3 March 2022  NWMPHN   


The National Guidance for doctors assessing workers exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust (with specific reference to the occupational respiratory diseases associated with engineered stone) has been developed to help general practitioners identify and assess people at risk of silicosis caused by exposure to respirable crystalline silica dust. The recent re-emergence of silicosis is linked to the increasing popularity of engineered stone products, and the processes for cutting, grinding, and polishing this material.

Information for GPs

The National Guidance covers the most critical components and strategies to support medical practitioners to identify and assess people at risk of silicosis, and to work closely with their patients to improve health outcomes.

The National Guidance has been developed by medical experts from across a range of relevant fields covering respiratory and thoracic medicine, radiology, environmental and occupational medicine, and work health and safety. It contains the latest research and the best available evidence to help you make informed assessments of at-risk workers.

The National Guidance interfaces with, and complements, other existing medical guidelines issued by clinical bodies.

The National Guidance documents

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