MyMedicare update enables practices to analyse patient registration data

  25 January 2024  NWMPHN   

MyMedicare is Australia’s new voluntary patient registration model.

It aims to strengthen the relationship between patients, general practice, GPs and primary care teams, improving equitable access for priority population groups.

The following is an update for general practices seeking to search and export a list of their ‘complete’ and ‘pending’ patient registrations.

Practices will need to log into their Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access the MyMedicare tile, then select ‘search’ as shown in this image:

Screenshot showing a search box in MyMedicare.

This will then display options for exporting Microsoft Excel files containing complete and pending patient registrations, as shown in the image below (which contains sample patient data only).

Screenshot showing instructions for exporting a list of patient registration data from MyMedicare.

Practices with questions about MyMedicare can email or call (03) 9347 1188.