Mercy Health’s response to COVID-19

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  26 March 2020  Mercy Health   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Mercy Health is currently operating as usual with some changes, please see below:

    1. Maternity referrals:
      Maternity referrals will continue to be received and triaged as per usual procedures.
    2. All other referrals:
      Referrals for all other clinical streams are currently being reviewed, in line with demand pressures and assessment of clinical capacity in a rapidly changing environment. Further guidance will be provided as it becomes available.
    3. Outpatient appointments:
      Scheduled Outpatient appointments are currently being reviewed.
      In order to protect our staff, patients and hospital visitors we are restricting hospital attendance to those for whom there is clear clinical need. We are reviewing telehealth options for selected consultations and these processes are being refined.
      Patients may have their Outpatient appointments rescheduled or conducted via telephone.
      Patients with booked clinic appointments will be contacted via text message or phone call in regard to the status of their appointment
      Patients who require attendance in person for their clinical care will be screened for COVID-19 using DHHS guidelines prior to entering our Mercy Health facilities.
    4. Mercy Mental Health referrals:
      Mental Health triage remains open, and mental health staff will work with clients to determine how to best meet their mental health needs in a safe manner.

Mercy Hospital for Women and Werribee Mercy Hospital remains open in the provision of health care; however, the way we deliver care in the face of this evolving public health crisis is shifting.

By Mercy Health.

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