Mercy Health project to introduce HealthLink SmartForms on track for July 2022 launch

  5 July 2022  Mercy Health   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Mercy Health is delighted to announce that as of July 2022, we will be introducing HealthLink SmartForms as a new method for receiving referrals to all of our Outpatient Specialist Clinics.

HealthLink enables the secure sending and receipt of electronic referrals.

The following specialist clinics will contain specific referral templates:

  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology
  • Urogynaecology
  • Obstetric/Antenatal
  • Vascular
  • Urology
  • Rapid Access Colonoscopy

Referrers will still be able to use HealthLink SmartForms for any of Mercy Health’s other Specialist Clinics.

HealthLink SmartForms are already embedded into most GP practice software such as Best Practice, MedicalDirector and Genie.

GPs can refer to Mercy Health with greater confidence as HealthLink SmartForms are built based on the Victorian Department of Health statewide referral criteria, ensuring that their referrals meet these requirements and can be triaged efficiently, meaning their patients can be contacted sooner to schedule an appointment.

Each HealthLink Smart Form will include a link to HealthPathways Melbourne, to provide GPs with quick access to evidence-based clinical and referral guidance, including relevant Victorian statewide referral criteria.

Furthermore, an additional benefit of using HealthLink SmartForms is that referrers remain informed throughout the process as they are immediately sent a notification of receipt upon completion of a referral.

Practices without conformant software can register for a MyHealthLink portal licence by completing the online registration form and notate in the comments field that you would like to use the SmartForms. Registration can be completed online.

For further information about referring patients to Mercy Health Specialist Clinics using HealthLink SmartForms, please contact Andrew Farag, Project Officer and GP Liaison on 0432 422 370 or email

*HealthPathways Melbourne is available only to clinicians in the Eastern Melbourne PHN and North Western Melbourne PHN catchments. For more information including access to the website, contact the HealthPathways Melbourne team on

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