Mental Health and Wellbeing Act Implementation in the community sector

  4 July 2023  Mental Health Victoria   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The Victorian Mental Health and Wellbeing system is currently undergoing significant Reform. This means people experiencing mental illness and psychological distress and their families and carers will be able to receive recovery-focused care where and when they need it in a way that promotes autonomy and dignity and ultimately achieves better outcomes.

As part of the reform, new legislation pertaining to the care and treatment of a person with mental illness or psychological distress will be coming in to effect on the 1st of September 2023 (Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022).

This service delivery reform and new legislation does encompass new responsibilities and obligations across the Community and Non-acute sector including Primary Health Care.

Mental Health Victoria has been funded to develop a suite of resources to provide information and resources to the MH&W community and non-acute sector that focuses on what practitioners in the sector need to ensure they are cognisant of their responsibilities. To deliver this information effectively, we want to hear from the workforce as to how they would like to receive that information in a way that is suitable to their organisational needs.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could please take the time to complete the brief survey.

This will vastly help assist us in ensuring bespoke and timely training is delivered to your service and region.

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