Mandatory influenza vaccination for healthcare workers

  3 May 2022  NWMPHN   
As of April 2022, Victorian healthcare staff are required to be vaccinated against influenza if they work in:
  • public and private hospitals
  • public health services
  • ambulance services
  • public residential aged care services.

According to new Victorian Department of Health directives, if you are a healthcare worker in any of the above settings, you must be vaccinated against influenza by 15 August 2022 and annually by 15 August thereafter.

After two years of closed borders, there is an increased risk that the introduction of influenza into our community will result in significant strain on the healthcare system. Being vaccinated is the best way to protect healthcare workers and patients, especially those who are vulnerable, from getting influenza.

The influenza vaccine has been prioritised because:

  • there is a potential public health risk with the reintroduction of influenza infection after little to no disease in circulation due to closed borders over the last two years; and
  • there was a decline in influenza vaccination in 2021.

The requirement for influenza vaccination will apply in:

  • public health services
  • public hospitals
  • denominational hospitals
  • private hospitals and day procedure centres
  • ambulance services
  • patient transport services that are engaged or contracted by a health service or Ambulance Victoria, and;
  • residential aged care services operated by public health services.

Healthcare workers must also adhere to any COVID-19 worker vaccination requirements.

For further information about the influenza vaccination requirement for healthcare workers contact the Immunisation Unit at