Level E consultations for general practices

Doctor with patient
  5 December 2023  Dr Jeannie Knapp – NWMPHN GP clinical advisor   

The Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) now includes Level E consultation items for general attendance services lasting 60 minutes or more.

These cover in-person and video consultations only, and are rebated at $191.20.

Level E items improve patient care outcomes by allowing GPs and medical practitioners to provide longer consultations when clinically required.

It will allow better management of those with chronic conditions and complex care needs.

Level E consultations may be applicable for patients and situations including:

  • patients with multiple chronic conditions
  • patients in need of advanced care planning, palliative care, and end-of-life care
  • patients experiencing domestic and family violence
  • situations where additional time is necessary for effective communication, such as patients with dementia, various disabilities or those requiring an interpreter
  • patients with mental health care needs
  • patients requiring emergency care, such as GPs monitoring patients while waiting for paramedics.

What are the item numbers?

A quick reference table for GPs and medical practitioners can be found on the MBS Online website.

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