Interactive My Health Record training

What's in My Health Record Diagram
  12 October 2020  NWMPHN   

During these times of social distancing and remote consultations, new and existing digital health technologies can be used to improve continuity of care for your patients. 

The Australian Digital Health Agency is running a series of free interactive sessions for GPs, practice managers and practice nurses interested in learning more about My Health Record and how to use it most effectively in routine practice.

The instructor will use a software simulation platform to demonstrate how to:

  • access a patient’s My Health Record using medical software
  • use filters to find documents
  • view documents and overviews
  • enter access codes for patients with protected documents/records
  • upload documents to My Health Record
  • ensure appropriate security and access governance mechanisms are in place

There will also be opportunities to ask questions and troubleshoot My Health Record issues.

These demonstrations will be run on weekly basis at varying times throughout the day. The schedule for the next six weeks is outlined in the table below:

Software Sessions Registration link
Best Practice 36 Sessions from 20 October to 10 December Register here
Medical Director 38 sessions from 21 October 11 December Register here
Genie 20 sessions from 19 October to 11 December Register here
Zedmed 19 Sessions from 19 October to 8 December Register here
Communicare 14 Sessions from 27 October to 10 December Register here

For more information on other session times please contact

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network can provide digital health support for primary care providers in our region. Please contact with any queries.