HealthPathways Melbourne will soon be mobile-friendly

  18 August 2021  HealthPathways Melbourne   

From 14 September 2021, HealthPathways Melbourne will adopt a new mobile-friendly HealthPathways platform, to ensure our users can continue to access valuable pathway information no matter what device they’re using.

The platform incorporates all the same clinical guidance in a local context, but does so with a clean, contemporary design and added features to make accessing HealthPathways easier and better-suited to our users’ varying contexts. The responsive design means the content shifts and adjusts depending on the device being used (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device).

Will anything change?

When you start using the mobile-friendly site, very little will change in your day-to-day workflow. Clinical content on the new site is exactly the same as on the existing site (classic HealthPathways).

Access to HealthPathways Melbourne

When we launch the mobile-friendly site, all users accessing the website with a username and password will be prompted to re-enter the username and password. Anyone using a unique URL will not be affected.

To reduce disruption to accessing HealthPathways Melbourne, you can contact the team to retrieve your practice’s unique URL for automatic access to HealthPathways Melbourne.

What if someone is using an older browser or device? Can they still access HealthPathways?

The classic and mobile-friendly sites will operate in parallel. Older browsers will automatically be redirected to the classic site to ensure all general practice users can continue to access your HealthPathways site.

Keeping you informed

We’ll keep the HealthPathways team, users, partner organisations, and internal and external stakeholders informed throughout the implementation stages. There will be two stages to the launch:

  • Soft launch: This is a 1-month period when users can try out the new platform and send feedback. All users still go to the classic site first, and then have the option to visit the new mobile-friendly site and set it as their default. We’d love your feedback during this phase.
  • Full launch: This is when the mobile-friendly site becomes the default user experience, and all users are directed there. Users on older, noncompatible devices are redirected to the classic site.

Your feedback, particularly during the soft launch phase, will provide us with valuable information to support ongoing improvement to the user experience.

New domain name and automatic re-direct

The mobile-friendly site will have a new domain name:

During the soft launch phase, the only access to the new site is via the home page, using the ‘Try out the new mobile-friendly HealthPathways’ link. After the full launch, your normal method of accessing the site will continue to work.

We will continue to support the current website address – when you enter the website via this link, you will be automatically re-directed to the new domain name.

The classic version of HealthPathways will also have a new domain name. Users with non-compatible devices are automatically redirected to the classic site and there are footer links on each page of the mobile-friendly site.

Add the new domain name to your Trusted Sites list

Depending on organisation’s IT set-up, you may need to add to your organisation’s list of Trusted Sites.

New logo

Users will see a new logo on the mobile-friendly version of HealthPathways Melbourne site along with the HealthPathways Melbourne brand mark that you are already familiar with:

Please refer any enquiries regarding updated branding to the HealthPathways Melbourne team via