HealthPathways Melbourne celebrates 800 pathways

HealthPathways Melbourne
  20 November 2020  NWMPHN   

HealthPathways Melbourne now has over 800 clinical, referral and resource pathways available.

In the past six years, HealthPathways Melbourne has had more than 50,000 users and 650 stakeholders involved in pathway development. The site has almost 20 COVID-19 pathways, contributing to a 73 per cent increase in page views and a 50 per cent increase in users during the pandemic.

What are users saying?

I highly recommend HealthPathways to other GPs and GP registrars. I use it daily to access up-to-date clinical guidelines, referral pathways and patient information. We are very lucky to have free access to such a brilliant source of information for all family practitioners.” – Dr Lucy Rowlands

“GPs are being asked to manage more and more conditions without specialist input, and with the ever-increasing specificity of referral guidelines to public hospitals, it is essential to have a simple and single point of reference.” – Dr Leah Curtis

Thank you to all current and past clinical editors, users of the platform, program staff, the teams at North Western Melbourne and Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Networks, and all of our external stakeholders for the support, hard work and effort it’s taken to reach current milestones.

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