Health Care Homes Leaders Group announced

HCH leaders group
  10 April 2018  NWMPHN   

As part of our readiness strategy, the Health Care Home Leaders Group got together for their first of six workshops. 

While North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) and the sector broadly supports the patient-centred medical home model of care, we recognise that there are concerns over the Federal Government’s pilot model. The Leaders Group is to help us work out the best way to support and build capacity for practices who want to be ready for the rollout of the Health Care Homes model. 

The group will:

  1. Drive the NWMPHN Health Care Home Readiness Strategy
  2. Shape how the model will look in our region 
  3. Define what support NWMPHN will provide to practices 

The first meeting included discussions about the Person-Centred Medical Home model of care and how this is being used in the Commonwealth’s Health Care Home Stage 1. They covered how to use PENCAT to extract useful data for clinical and process audits and different quality improvement methods. It was also an opportunity for the group to meet and learn about each other’s practices.

The leaders group are:

  • Yarra Medical – Dr Edward Skinner and Vicki Christopoulos
  • Coolaroo Clinic – Dr John Hodgson and Natalie Poynter
  • East Brunswick Medical Centre – Dr Raymond Wen and Maureen Goss
  • Neal St Medical Clinic – Dr Umair Masood and Dr Ben Crowther
  • Cohealth Kensington – Cheryle Abela and Linda Holdsworth
  • Westcare Medical Centre – Tracy Clarke and Juliet Fieldew
  • The Doctor’s Werribee – Dr Chamira Ranatunga and Julie Quinn

If you would like to know more about the Health Care Homes Readiness Strategy or how your practice can get ready for these changes please email