Health Care Homes FAQ 2 – Your questions answered

  9 March 2018  NWMPHN   

Health Care Homes FAQ #2 – Will patients lose the ability to choose their GP under Health Care Homes? 

A fundamental component to improving patient outcomes is continuity of care. Under the model, patients are required to enrol with a practice, and ideally see the same GP for care associated with their chronic disease. If they wish, they can attend another practice for unrelated care, however they will be strongly encouraged to visit the practice they are enrolled with.   

It’s also fundamental that patients continue to have choice and can change GPs if they are dissatisfied with their current service. The structure of payments gives patients this flexibility by paying practices on a monthly basis rather than in one lump sum.

Dr Jeannie Knapp is a practicing GP and practice owner, working in Richmond, Melbourne. Jeannie is the Clinical Lead for the Health Care Homes Readiness Project, an initiative of North Western Melbourne PHN (NWMPHN). To comment, request a practice visit or for any questions to Jeannie about the Health Care Home readiness strategy at NWMPHN, please email