Gain client referrals through national eating disorders helpline

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  17 October 2018  The Butterfly Foundation   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Australia’s eating disorders telehealth service the Butterfly Foundation’s national helpline, which receives more than 12,000 consumer contacts a year, is calling for more practitioners and services with a basic understanding of eating disorders to apply to be on their database.

Eating disorders affect more than nine per cent of Australians in their lifetime, and the rate is increasing – resulting in greater need for health services that understand how to treat this serious mental illness.

“It can be a challenge for those contacting the helpline to find practitioners that have an understanding of eating disorders, which can result in them disengaging from the help-seeking process,” said Amelia Trinick, Acting Manager, Butterfly National Helpline.

“This is why the Butterfly National Helpline refers people experiencing eating disorders and their families onto health services or practitioners we have screened for a basic understanding of eating disorders,” said Ms Trinick.

General practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, dietitians, counsellors, dentists, other clinicians and allied health practitioners from private, public and community services with a basic understanding of treating eating disorders are encouraged to find out more and apply.

About the Butterfly Foundation

The Butterfly Foundation represents all people affected by eating disorders and negative body image including those experiencing the illness, their family and their friends. The Butterfly Foundation’s National Helpline ED HOPE is Australia’s national support service for eating disorders and body image issues. Our specialist counsellors offer free information, screened referrals and brief counselling.

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