Free complex mental health bridging support for your patients

  26 September 2022  SANE in partnership with NWMPHN   

SANE provides free digital and telehealth support services for people aged 18 years and over with complex mental health issues and their families and carers.

People can choose from a wide range of support, including telephone and online counselling, peer support sessions, art and online social groups, online resources, and SANE’s professionally moderated community forums.

SANE’s new guided service enhances these supports further by offering people living in an eligible PHN region a tailored support plan of ongoing therapeutic, psychoeducational and psychosocial support.

Participants are connected with a dedicated support team who conduct regular check-ins and progress reviews, as well as an online platform, where they can track progress, book appointments and access support resources.

Referring people to SANE’s guided service

Referrals can be self-initiated or submitted by a health professional, close family member, carer or referral organisation using an online form.

To learn more, submit a referral, or register for SANE’s  referrer webinar on 5 October 2022, visit

Alternatively, click here to download SANE’s Referrer Info Pack.