Enhancing perinatal mental health care with the Mum2BMoodBooster clinician portal

  7 December 2023  The Parent-Infant Research Institute   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

MumMoodBooster and Mum2BMoodBooster are evidence-based e-treatments designed to help women anywhere in Australia who are experiencing either antenatal or postnatal depression.

These programs are offered free by the Perinatal Depression e-Consortium*, led by the Parent-Infant Research Institute.

Our treatment programs are based on best practice psychological treatment. Our latest research shows that MumMoodBooster is as effective as face-to-face cognitive-behavioural therapy for treating clinically diagnosed depression.

The Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal

We are pleased to announce the release of the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal, which was developed with GPs, for health professionals, to allow direct referral and monitoring of patients as they use Mum2BMoodBooster.

In addition to the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal, PDeC also offers a widely used Clinician Portal to support their postnatal depression and anxiety treatment program, MumMoodBooster.

Key features of the Clinician Portal

  • Seamless Referrals: Effortlessly refer expectant or new mothers experiencing perinatal depression or anxiety to the appropriate MumMoodBooster or Mum2BMoodBooster program.
  • Evidence-Based Treatment: Facilitate access to effective evidence-based online CBT programs for mild to moderately severe depression, either as stand-alone treatments or as adjunctive therapies.
  • Flexible Engagement: Choose the level of involvement and monitoring that best suits your patient’s needs and preferences.
  • Personalised Monitoring: Conveniently monitor your patients’ mood symptoms and progress throughout their treatment journeys.
  • Risk Alert Notifications: Patients receive timely email alerts whenever they exhibit concerning symptoms, such as suicidal ideation or escalating depression, advising them to speak to a health professional or contact a telephone support service.

Gain in-depth knowledge of the MumMoodBooster treatment programs and the Clinician Portal with our MumMoodBooster Program Guide and Clinician Portal Referral Guide.

Register once for immediate, secure access to receive a unique referral code for all your patients to access the Mum2BMoodBooster program. For more information, contact piri@austin.org.au

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