Endometrial cancer care under the microscope in statewide strategic consultation

  26 June 2024  Victorian Integrated Cancer Services   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

Healthcare providers from across Victoria will come together this November to discuss and design improvements to care and support for people affected by endometrial or uterine cancer.

For 12 years, the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (VICS) Optimal Care Summits program has examined Victorian patterns of cancer care, patient experience, and outcomes for specific tumour streams. Until now, the program (formerly known as the Victorian Tumour Summits) has not looked at gynaecological cancers.

Over the latter half of 2024, the VICS will consult healthcare providers and other stakeholders from every stage of care and support for endometrial cancer in Victoria – oncologists, surgeons, GPs, palliative care specialists, nurses, allied health professionals, and more – to identify unwarranted variations in care and outcomes.

The VICS are keen to increase participation from primary care stakeholders and GPs, in recognition of their critical roles in detection, referral, and ongoing care.

What is an unwarranted variation?

An unwarranted variation is a difference in the care received by patients or their outcomes that is not explained by differences in their illness or preferences. That is, a chance to improve quality and equity of care.

Each VICS Optimal Care Summits consultation identifies unwarranted variations in current care and outcomes across Victoria for a specific cancer type, with regards to each step of the relevant Optimal Care Pathway – including presentation and referral, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care. The VICS seek consensus from stakeholders on which variations should be prioritised for action, then gather up to 100 multidisciplinary experts to discuss the highest-priority variations at a live ‘summit’.

The summit generates proposed actions for cancer service improvement priorities, informed and supported by health organisations across Victoria. Past summits have driven successful Victorian cancer service redesign programs for lung cancer (2016) and oesophagogastric cancer (2018), for example.

How can I get involved?

Health professionals and key stakeholders involved in care or support for people affected by endometrial or uterine cancer are encouraged to register their details through the VICS quick web form.

You can also read more about the program at tumoursummits.org.au.

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