Does your patient have NAFLD? Are they are a non-regular coffee drinker?

  19 September 2022  Austin Hospital   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

If your non-alcohol fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patient is a non-coffee drinker or irregular drinker (no more than 2 cups of coffee per week), your patient may be suitable for a research study being conducted at Austin Hospital looking at coffee as a treatment for NAFLD.

Our aim is too determine if moderate coffee consumption (2-3 cups of coffee per day) with standard lifestyle advice reduces hepatic steatosis in patients with NAFLD compared with lifestyle advice alone.

The study’s duration is 6 months and will require 4 hospital visits. Participants will undergo an MRI liver, ultrasound and fibroscan at baseline and at 6 months. No liver biopsy is required.

Participants randomised to the ‘Coffee group’ will be required to drink 2-3 coffees per day (coffee pods and a coffee machine will be supplied for the duration of the study).

Please contact the Austin Hospital Liver Unit if your patient may be suitable, alternatively you can pass on the following details to your patient.
Email: Phone: (03) 9496 5353

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