Do you work with patients living with or at risk of hepatitis B and C?

Hepatitis B – Busting the myths poster
  14 August 2019  Hepatitis Victoria   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

A new poster resource has been developed by Hepatitis Victoria addressing commonly held myths about viral hepatitis.

Designed for display in medical centres and any services assisting those at risk of viral hepatitis, the posters attempts to dispel commonly held misinformation amongst patients, staff and the broader population. Often this incorrect information contributes to hepatitis related stigma, a major barrier to accessing health care.

By disseminating correct information and providing education it may encourage conversations and questions leading to more testing and management of viral hepatitis. 

There are two separate posters: one for hepatitis B and one for hepatitis C. They are A3 size and can be ordered and sent to you or downloaded here.

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