Dementia in practice: now we’re talking!

  8 September 2021  Dementia Training Australia

In Dementia in Practice, a new series of podcasts just released by Dementia Training Australia (DTA), general practitioners Hilton Koppe, Marita Long and Steph Daly share their professional and personal experiences with dementia. 

Dementia in Practice is a podcast by GPs for GPs and anyone else interested in reducing stigma and improving the lives of people living with dementia.

Your podcast hosts are all GPs and are members of DTA’s GP Clinical Education Group.

This new resource will help you better understand what dementia is and how to prevent it, diagnose it, manage it and live with it.

The five episodes released now are:

  • Introducing Dementia in Practice
  • Life with dementia: a first-hand account
  • Healthy ageing and dementia: how to recognise the difference
  • Diagnosing dementia in general practice part 1 and part 2

 Access the podcasts and more dementia resources for GPs.