CAREinMIND Provider news: new referdirect fields

Redirect image
  18 July 2018  NWMPHN   

Recent additions have been added to referdirect. There are now new fields providers must complete. These new additions are:

  • Outcome measures Score K10, DASS21 and HoNOS can now be added, just like you could do in the old ATAPS referrals.
  • Referral closure – auto Some providers are not entering conclusions to close referrals in a timely manner. Due to this, when a new referral of the same type or a new referral of a different type but the same provider is created, the existing referral will be closed automatically.
  • Client deceased On the client screen there is now a drop down box (Yes/No) to indicate if the client is deceased. If this field is “Yes”, then the status bar shows DECEASED. Providers can choose the option of “client deceased” for the referral conclusion. This closes the referral and also modifies the client record.
  • Availability This feature (under top menu item “Profile”) has been removed due to lack of appropriate use.
  • Session “Final” drop down On the session screen, the “Final” field will only have 2 options in the drop down. Please see image below. The choice of “No further services are planned” was causing problems and has now been removed. 
  • Declined referral On the referral Provider tab, if the provider chooses “Accepted” = “No”, then a “Not Accepted Reason” must be selected. This has been introduced because some providers have been selecting “Accepted” = “No”, when they have tried and failed to make contact. What you should be doing is selecting “Accepted” = “Yes”, and then give a reason why there has been no session. A conclusion should be entered if all attempts to contact the client have failed e.g. “Episode closed administratively – client could not be contacted”.