Cancer Council Victoria launches new ‘At Your Cervix’ campaign to encourage young Victorians to prioritise cervical screening as an act of self-care

  26 April 2021  Cancer Council Victoria   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

With less than half of eligible Victorian women or people with a cervix aged 25-34 taking part in the National Cervical Screening Program, Cancer Council Victoria are launching an urgent call for young Victorians to prioritise their health by booking their Cervical Screening Test.

Launching at the end of March, the campaign goes live across radio, digital and social media channels across Victoria to position cervical screening as the ultimate act of self-care, to inform women and people with a cervix aged 25-34 that cervical screening can prevent the development of cervical cancer or detect cell changes early, when successful treatment is more likely. Image of a smiling woman with the text "Look after your health, book your test."

They are encouraging women or people with a cervix aged 25-34 to use their directory of cervical screening providers to book their Cervical Screening Test. Research shows that this age group would like to have the choice of who does their test and that being able to have a choice would encourage them to screen. Visit the directory at or book a Cervical Screening Test with your GP.

You can support this campaign and help to share this lifesaving message with young Victorians by sharing content across your social media channels, visit the campaign content hub for different ways to get involved.

Disclaimer: This article was provided by Cancer Council Victoria. While every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate, North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network does not warrant or represent the accuracy, currency and completeness of any information or material included within.