About the statewide Psychotropic Drug Advisory Service at Alfred Health

  27 August 2021  Alfred Health   |   Third party content – view disclaimer

The vision of the Victorian Department of Health is to achieve the best health, wellbeing and safety for all Victorians so that they can live a life they value.

The Victorian Government is committed to creating a healthier, fairer and more inclusive society. That means good mental health for everyone, particularly people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable.

The Psychotropic Drug Advisory Service (PDAS) is a Victorian statewide specialist pharmacy-led service, based at Alfred Health and is integrated within the Alfred Mental and Addiction Health Clinical Program.

We provide evidence-based information about the quality, safety and efficacy of psychotropic medicines to a broad customer base, including consultant psychiatrists, general practitioners, other health professionals, consumers, carers, and their support networks.

Pharmacists responding to PDAS enquiries have significant experience and expertise in mental health. People contacting the service may receive information and advice about: treatment options, treatment responses, adverse effects, drug interactions, or the use of medications in specific populations (e.g. children, adolescents, the elderly and women who are pregnant or breast feeding).

‘Our priority will be to rebuilding the statewide profile for the service, and determining the changing needs of all stakeholders. We will continue to engage and strengthen relationships with service users, gauge their needs and how the service might meet those needs, now and into the future,’ said Viandro Borja, Lead Pharmacist Alfred Mental and Addiction Health.

For more information, visit the Alfred PDAS webpage or contact the team directly below:

Psychotropic Drug Advisory Service (for Victorians only – clinicians, consumers, carers, and other support organisations)

Email: PDAS@alfred.org.au (1st preference as mode of contact)
Phone: (03) 9076 8036
Operating hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. After hours and public holidays – you are welcome to either, leave a message – please provide your contact details; – or send an email. A team member will respond to your query as soon as possible. 
Website: alfredhealth.org.au/services/hp/psychotropic-drug-advisory-service-pdas

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