SANE complex mental health support

Free digital and telehealth complex mental health support for people with complex mental health issues and their families and carers.

SANE is rolling out a new guided service across Australia, and referrals are now open in the North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) region.

Promotional image for SANE's complex mental health support services.Our friends at SANE are currently rolling out a new guided service that provides free tailored digital and telehealth support services for people with complex mental health issues and their families and carers. Complex mental health issues include bipolar, schizophrenia, complex trauma, and other diagnoses, as well as co-occurring issues such as autism and intellectual disability.

Personalisation, flexibility, and continuity of support are core elements of the SANE’s new guided service. You will be connected with a dedicated support team of mental health professionals across lived experience and counselling. Your team will take the time to listen and understand your needs and preferences, and work with you to create a flexible and personalised support plan that prioritises your wellbeing and assists you in reaching your goals.

You can choose what works for you now and make adjustments as your needs change. Choose a mix of ongoing supports, including telephone, online or video counselling, peer support sessions, online discussion groups, art groups, other online social groups, interactive website tools, easy-to-read information and SANE’s professionally moderated community forums, accessible 24 hours a day.  

Your dedicated support team will check in to ensure the program is working for you and follow up along the way. You’ll also have access to a secure online portal, where you will find your goals, appointments, booking tools, and resources.

Benefits of a tailored support plan:

  • improved recovery (mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing)
  • increased social connectedness
  • improved quality of life
  • reduced waiting times to access mental health support.

SANE’s safe and inclusive services have been designed and informed by people who have lived experience of complex mental health issues in line with the latest evidence. You can feel comfortable reaching out to us at whatever stage you are at in your journey.

Referrals for SANE’s guided service are open for people living in the NWMPHN region. You can refer yourself or be referred by a health professional, close family member, carer, or referral organisation by using the online form at SANE’s support team will contact you within two to three business days for your onboarding call.

You can also download SANE’s Guided Service Factsheet (.pdf) to share with someone you know would benefit from these free supports.

Living outside of the NWMPHN region?

New regions across Australia are being added to the guided service continually, please refer to for an updated list.

In the meantime, SANE’s drop-in complex mental health services do not require a referral and can be accessed through (including webchat), by emailing or by calling their support team on 1800 187 263 (10am to 10pm, Monday to Friday).

SANE received funding from the Australian Government to develop and deliver the guided service.