19 Jul 2018
22 Jul 2018
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Substance use dependency including alcohol and other drugs (AOD) are increasingly prevalent in today’s society. The co-morbidity and significance of substance use dependency in maintaining mental health difficulties are often dismissed/overlooked in the treatment; generally due to limited awareness and understanding of substance use dependency behaviours.
Dual-diagnosis concerns are common presentations amongst referrals for psychological support, however are not addressed adequately. To date, the AOD and mental health sectors are viewed as separate modalities, and there are very few professionals who are confident to address such dual-diagnostic presentations. TaskForce Community Agency is a not-for-profit organisation providing counselling, information, education and support for individuals directly and indirectly affected by substance use since 1973. This workshop aims to provide psycho-education on substance use with the focus on commonly presenting substances of dependence, both illicit and prescribed, as well as formulating an understanding of the impact of such addictions in mental health.

Learning outcomes

- Develop an understanding of dual-diagnosis presentations of substance use dependency and mental health conditions
- Develop awareness of current legislations on substance use
- Develop an understanding of different substances and their effects
- Develop an understanding on the impact and risks associated with mixing substances
- Develop a demonstrated knowledge of current drug and alcohol dependency assessment tools/screens
- Develop an understanding of treatment modalities for working with substance use and co-morbid mental health
- Develop awareness of appropriate treatment and referral pathways and options

About the course:
2 hour webinar

19th July 2018
22nd October 2018

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Cost: $70.00 per person

For more information: Please contact Anna or Antanita on (03) 9532 0811
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Facilitated by TaskForce Community Agency