Using digital health technology in the COVID environment

11 May 2021
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Available to
General Practice
Practice Nurses
Practice Managers
General Practitioners
Practice Staff
Medical Specialist

Continuing Professional Development

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My Health Record

This webinar is for all medical practices and will focus on optimising use of data and technology in relation to the COVID-19 environment.

Overcoming the challenges of patient care with COVID-19 still prevalent has been a challenge for many healthcare practitioners without the latest digital health tools (such as My Health Record, PIP QI), often having to resort to less effective and optimal tools. 

Presented by Katrina Otto from Train IT Medical, this session will provide information and resources to help you optimise use of available technology and utilise My Health Record to save time and money.

Katrina Otto is one of Australia’s most experienced digital health and medical software trainers. She has worked in a wide variety of medical practices for the past 30 years, many of those as a practice manager. Katrina has qualifications in Adult Education, Business and Welfare and works across Australia as a Medical Software Trainer and Practice Management Consultant.

Katrina is an approved trainer for: MedicalDirector, Best Practice Software, Australian Digital Health Agency, Department of Health, Avant Mutual Group, AHPRA, Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM), Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA), Pen Computer Systems and others. Her focus is on increasing efficiency of health IT and practice systems to benefit both practices and patients.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Maximise the benefit of technology in COVID times, such as NHSD, HealthDirect, AIR, PRODA, CVIP, HotDoc, Health Engine, AutoMed & Better Consult
  • Use My Health Record to access AIR and Medicare  
  • Access and upload health summaries to assist continuity of care, practice efficiency and risk mitigation
  • Identify advanced features of My Health Record (including filters) and ePIP and PIP QI to save your practice time and money
  • Optimise use of available technology (such as Pen CS) and enhance practice sustainability