National Cervical Screening Program Update

30 Nov 2017
06:00 PM - 08:30 PM


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Continuing Professional Development

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Event Location
North Western Melbourne PHN
Level 1, 369 Royal Parade

With changes to the National Cervical Screening Program on December 1st 2017, this event will provide an update for primary care professionals on how to manage patients according to new cervical screening guidelines. ​Available as a webinar or face to face session. 

Presenter: Dr Stella Heley, Sexual Health Physician and Director of Education and Liaison Services, Victorian Cytology Service.

Dr Stella Heley is a Sexual Health Physician and the Director of Education and Liaison Services at VCS Pathology, a Government funded not-for-profit organization which has been involved in the Cervical Screening Program for the past 50 years. Stella has played a key role in education with VCS for half this time, is passionate about this topic, and now leads a team of Liaison Physicians available to educate GPs throughout Victoria and nationally. VCS not only reports screening tests (HPV & cytology) from all over Australia, but also offers testing for chlamydia for men and women, and currently runs the Victorian and the South Australian Cervical Screening Registries as well as the National HPV Vaccination Registry. With Cancer Council NSW, VCS is running the internationally renowned trial Compass: a sentinel experience for the renewed Program.

Learning outcomes:


  • Explain the changes to cervical screening including testing, sample collection, storage and patient eligibility for screening
  • Describe the transition from Pap Smear screening to HPV testing
  • Provide evidence based HPV and liquid based cytology test results to patients
  • Assess and manage asymptomatic & symptomatic women, following a reported result