Hepatitis Essentials & Inclusive Practice

04 Aug 2021
06:30 PM - 08:00 PM


Available to
General Practice
Practice Nurses
Practice Managers
General Practitioners
Practice Staff
Medical Specialist

Continuing Professional Development

In the process of accreditation

This informative and interactive training will aim to improve confidence to effectively screen, treat and manage patients with hepatitis B and C in a cross-cultural healthcare setting. An epidemiology update will also be included!

This session aims to assist GPs to confidently interpret viral hepatitis test results, understand the treatment and referral options for their management, and how to provide culturally inclusive hepatitis care in practice.


This session will be facilitated by Dr Lester Mascarenhas - a s100 HIV and s100 Hepatitis B prescriber who works at the Utopia Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health and CoHealth.

Learning outcomes:

  • Ensure regular screening of at-risk patients and confidently interpret Hepatitis test results
  • Understand and be able to explain what Hepatitis B treatment and monitoring entails for both practitioners and patients
  • Understand the role of other health care practitioners in Hepatitis B management 
  • Integrate cross-cultural healthcare principles into practice
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the lived experience issues faced by patients with Hepatitis
  • Understand up to date and local epidemiology of viral hepatitis