06 Dec 2017
06:30 PM - 09:30 PM
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General Practitioners
Professional development points
Now accepting expressions of interest in participating in a GP focus group. This focus group will involve an interactive session with 8-10 GPs and GP registrars from the HealthPathways Melbourne catchment, designed to investigate end user attitudes towards the HealthPathways product and the tool’s usability.

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Held over three hours, the focus group will be divided in to two sections.

In section one, the group will participate in a discussion that seeks end user opinion regarding the product's appearance, functions, content, efficacy as an aide memoire, reliability, acceptability compared to comparable tools, weaknesses, strengths and opportunities for improvement.

In section two, each participant will be provided with a laptop within which HealthPathways will be accessible. Given 4 scenarios designed to test the tool's usability, focus group members will be asked to comment on their experience of using HealthPathways to answer clinical and referral questions both "on their own" and while seeing a "simulated patient."

Criteria to attend:

Attendees will be remunerated for their time. Following the expression of interest notice period, successful applicants will be contacted by a PHN representative to confirm their participation and to provide further details of the day.


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