Blocks & Drops - External Ear Disorders & Medications and the Eye

20 Nov 2019
06:45 PM - 09:10 PM


Available to
General Practitioners

Continuing Professional Development

CPD Points unavailable

Event Location
Lucy Jones Hall - The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
426 Albert St

Supporting the workforce

Are you a GP and want improve your knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and management of disorders of the external auditory canal? Do you want to increase your understanding in how medications affect the eye and how to best prescribe and administer eye medications?

This interactive presentation for GPs and GP registrars will help you do just that!

Two specialist speakers will be facilitating this session: 

  • Dr Claire Iseli, an Otolaryngologist, will present on disorders of the external auditory canal, including ear wax, and how to safely determine what it is and how to manage it
  • Dr Elaine Chong, Ophthalmologist, will present on what GPs need to know about how medications affect the eye and how to instruct their patients on how to best administer eye medications

Registration: 6.45pm – 7:00pm
Session: 7:00pm – 9:10pm
Refreshments will be provided.

Wilsons Car Park: 90 Victoria Pde offers online night parking rate $6 but you must book online at (NB: The Wilsons Car Park at 410 Albert Street, has an hourly rate only - which is $18 per hour!) Street parking also available on Albert St and surrounds (some unrestricted after 6:30pm, please check signs carefully!)

Learning outcomes:

By the end of the session, you will be able to:
Describe the types of external ear disorders that may present to general practice and the examinations that are used to differentiate these conditions
Demonstrate increased skills and develop a safety checklist for managing external ear disorders (including ear wax) and list red flags for when to refer
Demonstrate increased understanding of how medications affect the eye (both topical and systemic) and improve  skills in prescribing and instructing patients on how to administer eye drops and ointments
Discuss the common and serious side effects/systemic effects and risks of commonly prescribed eye medication

Dr Claire Iseli, Consultant Otolaryngologist
Dr Claire Iseli is an ENT surgeon who did her core training in Victoria before completing a two year Otology/Neuro-otology Fellowship with a focus on skull-base tumours, general otology and cochlear implants in children and adults at the University of North Carolina, USA. She has now returned to work at the RVEEH in the Cochlear Implant and General Otology Units. Claire is also a staff member at Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) in the General ENT and Skull-Base Neuro-otology services, teaches medical students at Melbourne University and is a visiting Neuro-Otologist at Austin Health.

Dr Elaine Chong, Consultant Ophthalmologist
Dr Elaine Chong is a Consultant Ophthalmologist in both the Cornea and Retina units at the RVEEH and RMH. After five years of ophthalmology training at the RVEEH, Dr Chong completed four years of sub-specialty fellowship training in Medical Retina and Corneal, Cataract and Refractive Surgery. Dr Chong has performed over 3000 cataract surgeries and performs various lamellar partial thickness corneal transplants which are preferential to the traditional full thickness corneal transplants. Dr Chong was awarded the Gold Medal for Excellence at the RANZCO Advanced Clinical Exams in 2011. She has received various research awards for her work in retinal research. Her award winning technique of pterygium surgery was also featured internationally in the American Academy of Ophthalmology Network in 2017.