Dental Health Services Victoria and the Statewide PHN Collaborative - Oral Cancer Screening and Prevention in Primary Healthcare Settings

18 Jun 2024
06:00 PM - 07:15 PM


Available to
Practice Nurses
General Practitioners

Continuing Professional Development

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The Statewide PHN collaboration in partnership with Dental Health Victoria invite General Practitioners and Practice Nurses to join us for an exclusive webinar focused on oral cancer screening, prevention, and early detection in primary healthcare settings.

As health professionals, your role is pivotal in safeguarding your patients’ overall health and well-being, which also includes the screening of at-risk individuals for diseases like oral cancer. 

Oral cancer continues to rise in Victoria and is one of the top 15 cancers in the state. This type of cancer can affect the lip and various areas within the oral cavity such as tongue, gums, floor of the mouth, and palate. Early detection is crucial to improve prognosis and achieve better treatment outcomes. Unfortunately, many patients present with advanced-stage oral cancer due to factors including lack of awareness and limited access to prevention and/or screening services. With relevant training/education, primary healthcare professionals like GPs and practice nurses can undertake oral cancer screening of at-risk population and provide prevention counselling when required. This eventually may help in boosting early detection of oral cancer and timely referrals for further management.

The webinar will delve into details of risk factors for oral cancer, pathology, screening procedure and information around referrals and management. This session will also cover insights into estimated trends of oral cancer (past, present and future), details of case studies and experiences of oral cancer survivors. By attending, you’ll gain understanding of effective strategies for oral cancer prevention and early detection.


Dr Tami Yap (Senior Lecturer, Oral medicine and Pathology, University of Melbourne). 

Dr Ankur Singh (Senior lecturer, population health, University of Melbourne)  

Carlie Rogers (Oral Cancer Survivor)

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your practice for oral cancer prevention and management.