27 Oct 2018
08:30 AM - 01:00 PM
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Event location
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
305 Grattan Street
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General Practice
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General Practitioners
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Cancer therapies continue to evolve, leading to improved outcomes and a growing population of cancer survivors. This practical forum will include an overview of the newer cancer treatments, their side effects and the information primary care physicians need to know to manage follow up.
This popular cancer update has sold out each year and is held annually on a Saturday in partnership with the Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre- A Richard Pratt Legacy and Cancer Council Victoria. These interactive presentations consist of cancer-related topics relevant to general practice.

The 2018 forum will be held at the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) building in October and will include:
  • Immunotherapy and targeted therapy: a basic overview to help primary care physicians understand these treatments. What GPs need to be aware of to follow up patients appropriately. Which cancers are they used in and how the prognosis has changed.
  • Breast cancer risk assessment and risk reduction: including how risk reduction medication should be discussed and prescribed in primary care.
  • Breast cancer endocrine therapy: including monitoring patients in general practice.
  • Radiotherapy: monitoring and management of long-term effects in primary care. Case studies.
  • Management and significant of malnutrition, fatigue, return to work and exercise in cancer survivors.
Confirmed expert speakers:
  • Dr Kate Burbury (Consultant Haematologist)
  • Prof Kelly Phillips (Consultant Medical Oncologist Breast Service)
  • Dr Marisa Grossi (Medical Oncologist)
  • Dr David Kok (Radiation Oncologist/Director of Training)
  • Ms Jenelle Loeliger (Dietitian/Joint Head of Nutrition and Speech Pathology)
  • Dr Eva Zopf (Research Manager, Exercise and Nutrition Research Program)
  • Ms Celia Marston (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Breakfast, refreshments and brunch provided.