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Improve dementia management

About this activity

Use the QI template below to help you manage patients diagnosed with dementia in your practice.

 Arrange a Home Medicines Review for patients with dementia and taking 5+ regular medications by a target date.
Use Pen CAT4 to identify the proportion of patients with dementia who are taking 5+ regular medications and who had a medication review in the previous 12 months. Then see by how much this number has increased by the target date.
Improvement ideas
  • Invite clinical staff to complete online training on managing dementia in the general practice setting (resources included in the QI activity).
  • Create a register of patients with known dementia and those newly diagnosed and use the register to review management.
  • Use Pen CAT4 to identify patients with dementia and cognitive impairment.
  • Use Pen CAT4 to identify patients with dementia who are eligible for an annual 75+ health assessment

Download the QI template below for more improvement ideas.

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