Taking the Statewide Paediatric Pathways out on the road

  12 August 2019  NWMPHN   

Dr Scott Parsons demonstrating appropriate spacer technique.

Case-based paediatric education offers general practices an update on providing care to our youngest patients.

Children across Victoria aged 0-4 years are the highest users of paediatric hospital emergency departments, but in many cases they can be effectively cared for in general practice.

As part of this initiative, a series of interactive case-based education sessions were completed in practices across the North Western Melbourne PHN catchment using the newly published pathways to solve practical clinical and referral problems.

Conditions included:

Dr Scott Parsons the clinical lead for this project, and a paediatric focused GP with over 20 years of experience, led these in-house sessions, assisted by Laura Collins, a paediatric nurse and program lead for the project.

Over 50 general practitioners and practice nurses were involved in these sessions and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive;

“Very informative and useful!!”

“Excellent education- particularly liked it being provided by a GP rather than a specialist, thank you for guidelines from a GPs perspective”

We thank all practices and participants involved for their participation and enthusiasm to work collectively to improve paediatric health outcomes for our youngest patients in Victoria.

These pathways aim to support general practices across Victoria, providing evidenced-based care:

  • to reduce unwarranted variations in care,
  • to reduce inappropriate referrals specialist paediatric services, and
  • to improve outcomes for children in our state

For more information about the project, click here.